Photo of Richard Watkins

Richard Watkins

Managing Director

Richard was part of a team in ICI Agrochemicals (now Syngenta) which implemented ‘MRP II’ and achieved Class ‘A’ across the world. The team improved customer service to > 98% and reduced inventory by 27%. They implemented the first Global Sales and Operations Planning process. Syngenta still operates the same process today.

Since 1991 Richard has worked with Mike Salmon’s MRP Ltd and then Oliver Wight, providing external courses and internal workshops in best in class planning, performance measurement, and ERP implementation. He founded Delos in 2002 to provide a tailored and customer focused approach.

He has worked with a large number of companies, in diverse industries from engineering, through chemicals to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and from very large to very small. He is passionate about helping people to get away from the frustration of firefighting to a more ordered world of integrated business systems, processes and above all people. This results in a far more competitive and profitable organisation.

He has worked with boards of companies, down to the shop floor, helping them develop Business Excellence. The approach is practical and the education direct and easily understood.

He educates in Integrated Business Leadership, Sales Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, Performance Measurement, Data Accuracy and ERP Implementation, all key parts of the Integrated Business Leadership model.

He has a MBA from London Business School, where he specialised in Operations, Marketing and Finance, and a MA from Christ Church Oxford in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.