Integrated Business Leadership

Global business change is happening at a faster rate for all businesses.

Come to this one hour seminar to find out how to implement Integrated Business Planning with the right leadership to manage change.

Develop an organisation built on a clear vision, a rolling three year business plan, robust processes, with the right measures to respond to change.  It requires a culture of no blame, realism, truth and honesty, and continuous improvement.

Sadly, too many companies are saddled with disintegrated systems, poor processes, broken supply chains, unclear roles and responsibilities and unclear strategies. They reward their executives through measures which drive divisive silo-based politics. The annual budget process drives chronic short-termism in a continuous battle to meet overambitious targets.

Businesses will get all functions to work together in an integrated set of business processes to anticipate demand, plan to react, and execute their vision and strategy. with Integrated Business Planning. The Delos Partnership Ltd has developed and implemented a business model for companies to operate. CLICK HERE to see how it works.

The seminar will focus on the need for clear leadership from the senior executive team to make this happen – not a supply chain project led by the operations director. If the boss does not get it, then good luck!

You will also get the opportunity to see that the detail is contained in a brand new book -“Integrated Business Leadership” : how to achieve the vision based on one truth and one way and one team!