Integrated Business Leadership

This course shows how to get away from the traditional approach of Annual budget, Year-End panic, not enough time to react to changes. We explain how Integrated Business Leadership (IBL) – an advance in thinking from the Sales and Operations Planning of the 1980’s – provides the senior leadership team with an organised way of deciding how to react to changes strategically, rather than through fire-fighting and crisis management. It provides a business model that enables all functions to come to a consensus on one plan for innovation, demand, supply, finance, people and IT in the light of continuous change.

It describes the process, and all of the individual steps in the process from Innovation through to the Senior Team Review where decisions are made, and how to change systems, processes and people.

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Sales Forecasting

We explain how to create a demand plan, based on a formal process that turns statistical projections into a robust plan using realistic assumptions – all designed to shape customer demand to fit your objectives.

We show how to use market intelligence using inputs on new products, advertising and promotions and all similar events. We will also show you how to measure forecast accuracy and bias and set targets so that you can improve.

We show how to manage abnormal demand through formal processes, and how to create promises that you know you can keep. Forecasts will always be wrong – it is how you manage the demand when they are wrong – that matters. We also show how it fits into a formal Integrated Business Planning process.

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Supply Chain Optimisation

We explain how to optimise your supply chain to meet your customer requirements with lower total cost and lower inventory, freeing up cash. We cover how to plan better, using the tools of Master Scheduling, Material Planning and Capacity Planning to provide a realistic and feasible supply plan to the factory and external suppliers. We discuss the dangers of automatic optimisation. We show how to use Lean techniques to create an efficient value stream and reduce inventory. We show how to get accurate data. We show how to use Six Sigma to improve quality. The ultimate goal is to deliver to customers what they want and when they want it – optimally. We show the links to an Integrated Business Planning process.

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Integrated Performance Measurement

Transformation of company performance often requires a complete change to the way that performance is measured.

This course helps you to create an integrated set of performance measures that are linked to the Vision and Strategy and which will ensure people work together. Many companies complain of “silo management” behavour, which means people working to their own agendas, and their own measures. This course creates the right measures to get the right behaviours to get brilliant company performance.

Not only does this course help you create the right structure, but it is unique in providing the right definitions of the measures based on 30 years’ experience in the field. It also then tackles how to reform the reward structure and process, in order to encourage team-based behaviour.

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Business Transformation – Systems and People

Come along to this if you are about to implement a Business Transformation programme – particularly with the purchase of an ERP system – or you have an ERP system that does not work well, and you want to transform the performance of the business. 80 % of these ventures fail. We have a unique approach that will transform the operating model, based around best in class processes and systems which will ensure success.

This workshop demonstrates our proven way of bringing about change in the business through defining the vision – Company II as we call it – defining the Standard Operating Procedures and then educating and training everybody in the new ways of working, led by the senior management of the business.

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