Clients are often faced with the daunting task of selecting software. Either they are replacing all of their current systems and want to implement a brand new Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] system, or they want to buy – say – a forecasting system.

We help clients understand what they should be looking for in any system and can help understand technical terms like Available to Promise, Firm Planned Orders and Forecast consumption. We can also help ensure that if you have a manufacturing strategy of Make to Order or Assemble to Order that people understand how to work with configure to order products.

So a first stage will be to work out your requirements, what is mandatory as opposed to what is desirable, and structure those requirements so that the software company should tell you if they can meet those requirements. We can also help evaluate the costs, and help you through the beauty parade.

Practically, also, the choice of the system is not the be all or end all of the transformation programme. It is the quality of the education and training that matters. Hence we will ensure you take a pragmatic attitude to software selection, rather than spend ages chasing after the mythical best solution.

Where companies have to implement a new system, we have a proven method for the implementation (explained in our Business Transformation/ERP Implementation course). So we work alongside clients through the implementation process and project to provide you with an independent view of what is required. We will also provide technical advice on how the software should work, how pilots – computer simulations – should be established, and help you avoid all of the elephant traps along the way.

Our independent and experienced advice will save you considerable time and money.

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