Detailed Hands on Consultancy

Sometimes clients are looking for detailed support and consultancy – for instance on achieving higher levels of data accuracy, a better planning process, or changing the planning organisation. We will then spend between 3-5 days a week with a client helping to achieve the agreed aims and objectives.

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Business Excellence Assessment

We have developed a formal assessment of the way a company should operate, and can rank your company on a scale of Bronze to Platinum by looking at the quality of all aspects from vision and strategy through business processes to data accuracy and continuous improvement. We will provide you with an award for each level of your journey, and hence provide a goal for you to improve the level of performance of your business.

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Experienced Guidance and Coaching

We often act as guides as companies develop new ways of working and/or new systems. We act as a technical reference point for issues (e.g. how do you calculate forecast accuracy) and act sometimes as a ‘conscience’ to make sure your project achieves its aims and objectives. Typically, this takes place by our working with task forces engaged in developing processes etc.

We are different from many other consultancies, in that we do not do it for you, but help you, with our experience, to achieve the changes the business needs to make.

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Implementation of Integrated Business Planning

When companies implement IBP, we run a series of initial workshops to design the process. We will then sit in on meetings to provide feedback on the way the meetings operate and provide feedback on how well they align with the principles of Integrated Business Planning.

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Software Selection

Sometimes companies engage in software selection. We will help companies determine the requirements for the software, help them devise a list of companies that might fit the bill, and then help in the evaluation stage to ensure that they make the right choice for a software partner.

We help you avoid expensive questionnaire type exercises, and ensure that you build best practice into your selection. We also will look at your total picture, not just parts of it. Thus, you may want an ERP system, but you may also need a business information system, a CRM system and a project management system.

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