The Delos Journey is an implementation plan which has been proven to work over 30 years as a methodology for bringing about transformational change and/or implementing ERP systems. Core to its approach are the concepts of Company II, business piloting, and education.

Transforming a business to become more competitive needs changes in systems, data, processes and people. Educating and training people in the new ways of working is the key to success.

Company II

We fundamentally believe that the people of the company should be educated in best practice before designing a new system and/or company. This initial education will help your people develop a model of how your company will work in the future, rendering it unbeatable – which is why we call it “Company II”. The output is a document which describes what will be different from today in terms of the roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures, systems, KPIs and culture. When this is complete then the company can set about selecting and shaping the systems and detailing the Standard Operating Procedures for the company.


Education is about changing peoples’ thinking about the way they work. It is about getting buy-in from people on why they should change to the new ways of working. This should be carried out externally (using Delos inspirational courses) and internally (using Delos’ bespoke workshops). It should happen all the way through the project. It is fundamentally different from training, which is teaching people how systems work. The word “education” is derived from a word which means “leadership” which emphasises that education has to come from the top. Internal education and training should therefore be carried out through a cascade approach, led by the management of the organisation.

Ways of working

The project should lead to the company having formal documented ways of working so that everyone is clear about roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures and measures. These are often referred to as “Standard Operating Procedures” or SOPs. Joiners and movers will find it easy to know what to do if these exist in an easy to understand form.


Business Piloting is an activity which is designed to test how the whole company will work – and not just software and processes. It tests the robustness of the model and the understanding of the people involved. They are different from software pilots which test if the system operates as it should. There should be three pilots, which test the business operating model at various stages – project team, managers and users.

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