Quickstart IBP

In today’s uncertain world, where the only constant is change, all businesses need a robust way of updating their plans every month to identify gaps to budget, and make decisions to make sure they deliver to shareholders what they want. We call this Integrated Business Planning, and some call it Sales and Operations Planning. This needs to be done while delivering high service to customers, at lower cost and faster !

Come to this workshop to find how to do it quickly! Also find  real experience in making it happen from Gavin Evans – Head of IBP at Chaucer Foods – a Global B2B Food Ingredients company.

The Delos Partnership and Dynasys have developed a unique implementation approach, which will help you change Systems, Processes and People quickly. Over the years we have seen people try to implement SOP/IBP, put in a structure, but then struggle using spreadsheets. They do not work! Alternatively, on many occasions people buy systems, but then find that educating people to accept the changes becomes a powerful barrier.

Our combined approach lets you define your operating model with Delos Partnership’s experience, and build that around Dynasys’ system that enables you to get a single version of the truth for volume and financials, with the right KPIs to drive the achievement of your objectives. Simple!


09:00                    Shaun Philips, Global Product Manager Dynasys – Intro

09:45                    The certainty of change – the challenges facing every company – Paul Eckersley – Dynasys and Richard Watkins – Delos

10:15                     A New approach – Quick Start IBP.  What it is – Gary Shaw – Dynasys and Richard Watkins – Delos

11:00                    Coffee and Networking

11:30                    Real World Journey from Chaucer Foods – How they made it happen with Delos and Dynasys – Gavin Evans  Head of IBP

12:30                   Making it happen – how to implement and overcome the barriers – Paul Eckersley and Richard Watkins

12:45                  Closing Remarks

12:50                  Lunch