Ametek LAND Instruments – Sheffield

Land Instruments - a Division of Ametek - implemented Sales and Operations Planning through their company, which helped them dramatically improve customer service, profitability and cash flow, and ride through the recession. They went from developing a vision and a strategy, through making SAP work, getting forecasts in to create a flexible response to keep their customers satisfied, and using this as a process to help the business expand and grow. They are still a very profitable division of Ametek.


British Nuclear Fuels Limited – Sellafield

The Delos Partnership helped BNFL implement Integrated Business Leadership across a site of 6 businesses and around 14,000 employees which helped enormously in joining up the six separate businesses to achieve their challenging targets and make BNFL best in class.


Bestobell Limited - part of the Flow Group

How Delos helped Bestobell to go from being Cash Negative to being Cash Positive and survive. They are now part of a group - Flow Group - which is highly profitable and have been sold to another organisation.


Messier Dowty International

Messier Dowty International - part of the Safran Group -joined up six global sites into one global planning process to give a consolidated financial picture updated monthly. They reduced lead times, improved customer service and managed to increase productivity. They now have a five-year horizon rolling forecast, which enabled them to manage the enormous growth in the Aerospace and Defence business in an integrated way across all sites.


Defence Services Group – ABRO

ABRO had implemented their ERP system - TABS. However, they had not realised the expected benefits. Through a bespoke in-house education programme they implemented key process improvements and started down the journey of implementing Integrated Business Leadership. They saved GBP 5 million in cash, GBP 2 million in avoidable costs, increased visibility, controlled their order book and brought about a massive culture change.


Boehringer Ingelheim – Rheims

Part of the Global Boehringer Ingelheim Group, the manufacturing site decided to implement the Delos Partnership's Business Excellence programme, achieving the Platinum Award level. They improved productivity, increased customer service and reduced inventory, through the implementation of a site-wide Integrated Business Leadership process.


European FMCG Company

A major international FMCG company asked Delos to carry out an assessment of their Russian Business Unit, who were suffering from fluctuating demand in a highly promoted market. The resultant project convinced the European President to roll out a programme of education across fifteen countries in East and West Europe and South Africa, which resulted in a common process across all these countries leading to inventory reduction, improved customer service, and savings in management time.


Pegler Yorkshire - UK

Pegler Yorkshire implemented a global IBP process covering UK, Hungary and China. The result was 25 % reduction in inventory and a fantastic improvement in customer service. Roger Ablett outlines the key factors for success.


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