Integrated Business Leadership by Richard Watkins

How to achieve the vision based on one truth, one team, and one way

This highly practical new book- available in paperback – describes probably the most complete model of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) available.

It covers the aspects of Innovation, Demand, Supply, Finance, Human Resources and IT, based on the Delos Integrated Business model.  It will help you construct your IBP process, covering the setting of Vision and Strategy, creating the organisation, and establishing the cadence of monthly meetings. It will show you how to change the performance measurement culture, and reduce the adverse impact of annual budgets. The underlying theme is that you need to change the culture, more than you need to change processes and systems.

It shows how to operate IBP across single site and multi-site international businesses. It also provides a simple standard implementation process, founded on education. In particular, it emphasises that there is no one size that fits all.

It is based on 30 years of pragmatic experience of working with large and small companies, across diverse industries (from submarines to breakfast cereals), and across Europe, Asia, Africa and America to help implement IBP.

The book illustrates the critical role that the CEO/GM of any business plays in the success of the implementation of IBP. That is why it is titled “Integrated Business Leadership”. If the boss does not get it, then good luck!

GBP 39.95 excl P&P

Integrated Enterprise Leadership by Rod Clarke and Gilles Lauga

Managing Change in the 21st Century

‘Sales and Operations Planning’ was “invented” in the 1980’s. It is a core modern process to support the effective management of a business in fast changing times. Many companies still operate with processes which were invented in the 1800’s.  It has been updated to all it “Integrated Business Planning” This book shows how to develop and update a business plan each month across the whole business. It covers single site companies (i.e. small to medium size businesses) and multi-site organisations (i.e. major large companies with manufacturing sites across many countries selling, marketing and R&D operating across many countries). It addresses the need to change culture and behaviour to get away from silo management, driven by the wrong performance measures. Processes and systems will also chage. It is practical, based on thirty years’ of experience.

GBP 25.00 excl P&P

CEO's Guide to Performance Measurement by Rod Clarke and Richard Watkins

The Delos Seven Performance Measures

All companies measure performance to determine how well they are doing both internally and externally. However most companies develop measures which cause conflicting behaviour which then achieves confusing and at worse the wrong results. Additionally, most companies measure everything in sight, without having a consistent framework. This book provides a consistent framework based on the achievement of Return on Capital Employed, which can be used effectively to measure the performance of a business. This short book (designed for the CEO without much time) sets out the seven few measures which we believe are really key to achieving a consistent Return on Capital Employed, and points which measures do not work in today’s environment – Like efficiency, purchase price variance and actual v budget.

GBP 15.00 excl P&P

The Delos Assessment for Business Excellence

Where are you on the journey from Bronze to Platinum?

This new document allows you to determine how excellent the business is against our criteria, based on 30 years of experience across many industries and many countries across the globe. It provides a unique benchmark of Business Excellence, and what is required to be the best in class. It covers the quality of all parts of the Delos Model, from vision and strategy to data quality. Platinum level is the highest you can aspire to and has been shown independently to improve the performance of a business in terms of customer service and financial performance.

GBP 15.00 excl P&P

Sales and Operations Planning – Best Practices by John Dougherty and Christopher Gray

Lessons Learned from Worldwide Companies

This book gives really useful pragmatic case studies of companies, both local and global, who have implemented Sales and Operations Planning, and documents the users’ hard and soft benefits obtained. Great at any time, but particularly when you are trying to justify the need to implement SOP.

GBP 40.00 excl P&P

Sales and Operations Planning – Standard System by Christopher Gray

The standard reference work on SOP Systems

Many people – when implementing SOP/IBP struggle with how the basic systems and reports should work. This book is unique in that it provides a detailed guidance on all aspects of how the systems infrastructure should look and behave and usefully comes with an Excel/Access spreadsheet so you can really see how it applies to different environments – including Make to Stock, Assemble to Order and Make to Order. It hsu shows the interaction of sales plans, inventory targets and backlog targets, as well as capacity plan charts and so on.

GBP 42.00 excl P&P

Lean Standard System by Christopher Gray

The standard reference work on Lean Systems

Many companies mistakenly think Lean is all about having no computer systems. This book explains all the technical computer and non-computer systematic issues as to how Lean should work, with detailed calculations on how Kanban sizes be set, how Heijunka boards should work and all of the associated workings required for Lean.

GBP 42.00 excl P&P

The Right Choice by Christopher Gray

The standard reference work on selecting and implementing ERP systems.

This book is the complete guide on how to evaluate, select and implement ERP systems. Many companies approach the purchase of an integrated ERP system once in a lifetime. Sometimes they approach this as part of a major transformation project. The migration from today’s systems (normally a spaghetti structure of hardware, excel spreadsheets, old technology and inaccurate data) to a brand-new system based on complete integration of all parts of the business in one system is often traumatic. This book provides clear recommendations – based on 30 years’ of working in this aea – on how to go about systems selection, how to negotiate the deal, and how to make sure you choose the right system.

GBP 35.00 excl P&P

Business Excellence by Phil Robinson

The standard reference work on the integration of Planning, Lean and Total Quality/Six Sigma

This book is the complete practical guide on how processes, tools, and people are integrated through the implementation of MRP II, Lean and Total Quality concepts to create the truly excellent manufacturing company. It is extraordinarily comprehensive and incredibly useful in helping you determine how to operate ‘Business Excellence’. It covers the full integration of excellent planning, with the use of Total Quality/Six Sigma and Lean/JIT. Above all it does all of this in a jargon-free easy to understand way.

GBP 25.00 excl P&P