A comprehensive workshop to drive people towards customer driven continuous improvement


Lean and Agile are today’s buzzwords. They are very important concepts in the delivery of a low cost, operationally excellent organisation. In many cases, though, these terms are built around the manufacturing view of a productive organisation. Lean and Agile is ultimately about increasing the Value that a company delivers to its customers. All functions have a part to play in this, and this is the theme of this workshop.

It is not sufficient to just learn and apply techniques like 5 “S”, SMED, TPM and Kanbans to manufacturing, and continue them through “Kaizen”. It is vital to look at the whole supply chain as a “Value Stream” so that—for instance—R&D develops products that are simple to buy and make, and Purchasing buys fit for ultimate purpose, rather than just the cheapest source., which causes cost further up the supply chain.

This workshop shows people to looks at the supply chain in its totality, and how to link Sales/Marketing, Operations and Design, and drive them together in a common direction, to create a Lean and Agile Supply chain that will focus on adding value to the customer. It not only deals with tools and techniques, but also deals with changes to processes, and the organisation—for instance developing the role of Value Stream Manager.

Course Program

• What is a Lean and Agile Supply Chain
• What are the Tools and Techniques
• How to apply the tools and techniques in operations, design, finance and marketing
• Organising around Value Streams
• Simulation to illustrate the ideas

Who needs to attend

Directors and Managers who are wanting to improve the flexibility and response of their Supply Chain either globally or locally in pursuit of increasing the value they add to customers. Project Teams involved in increasing the speed and flexibility of the overall value stream from supplier to consumer.

What the company will gain

The company will increase profit and cash through reducing the total operating costs, and increasing flexibility with customers. Cost reduction comes through elimination of all wasteful [often hidden] activities, and flexibility comes from using tools and techniques to support smaller batch quantities, lower inventories, and mass customisation.

What the delegate will learn

The course will show how to develop an operations strategy built around customer intimacy and operational excellence.

In support of this the course will introduce delegates to the concepts behind Lean and Agile, including Value Stream Mapping, Total Preventative Maintenance, Kanbans and 5 S’s, and see how to apply this in Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Delivery.
They will then be able to ensure that they are implemented effectively in the business in line with the company’s overall strategy.

Course Leaders

Richard Watkins

Managing Director

Richard was part of a team in ICI Agrochemicals [now Syngenta] which implemented ‘MRP II’ and achieved Class ‘A’ across the word. The team improved Customer Service to > 98% and reduced inventory by 27%. They implemented the first Global Sales and Operations Planning process. Syngenta still operates the same process today. Read More

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