A comprehensive workshop on the vital few KPIs that will let you know how you are really doing


Many organisations have measures, but they find that when they look at them as a set they drive people in competing directions within the company, causing dysfunctional behaviour. In addition, they are often not aligned with the business’ core strategy.

Many companies recognise that delivery to customers on time in full is critical to their success, but do not actually measure it or measure it correctly.

This workshop addresses the key requirements to make sure that your performance measures align with the strategy of the business and are aligned with the correct ownership.

It concentrates on the critical few to make sure that you meet the requirements of customers by focusing on Quality Cost and Delivery, all designed to improve Return on Capital Employed. It shows you how to create a hierarchy of measures in support of the goal.

It also details how each measure should be calculated, and gets agreement through the workshop approach to who will be responsible for the measures and how they will be reported.

Course Programme

– From traditional measure to a new framework
– Linking measures to process and strategic goals
– How to measure and report the critical few
– The impact in rewards
– How to implement the new framework

Who needs to attend

CEOs, managing directors, senior managers, project leaders and team members who are wanting to transform the performance of their organisation. Those engaged in developing cross-functional and team based decision-making processes who want the business to measure performance to transform the business.

What the company will gain

The company will get clear visibility across the organisation of how well they are doing, in particular in being able to respond to their customers and give them what they want and when they want it.

They will establish a balanced set of measures to report alongside the financial results which will improve productivity, increase sales and ultimately improve Return on Capital Employed – effective utilisation of assets.

What the delegate will learn

Delegates will learn how to establish a performance measurement framework which will align with the organisation’s strategy.

They will learn how to align these with the organisation in terms of roles and responsibilities, and policies and procedures, so that they will be incorporated into individuals’ and teams’ ‘job descriptions’.

They will learn how the measures should be calculated, the issues which they will face in getting the measures in place, and how to ensure effective implementation.

Course Leaders

Richard Watkins

Managing Director

Richard was part of a team in ICI Agrochemicals [now Syngenta] which implemented ‘MRP II’ and achieved Class ‘A’ across the word. The team improved Customer Service to > 98% and reduced inventory by 27%. They implemented the first Global Sales and Operations Planning process. Syngenta still operates the same process today. Read More

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