A comprehensive course that shows how to achieve high levels of data accuracy


Having accurate data is crucial for the operation of any organisation. Inaccurate data means that people do not trust the information which they see in the company’s formal planning and transactional systems. This rapidly leads to the development of individual spreadsheets within the company, which only makes the problem worse.

Inaccurate data also leads to wasteful checking of the information. In the case of stock data this means the unnecessary annual inventory audit. In the case of other data, it means constant reconciliation, checking and firefighting to get round the problems caused by inaccurate data.

The Delos Partnership has developed a new approach to ensuring that all data in the business is maintained accurately and will provide you with ten principles for getting data accurate.

With the advent of completely integrated ERP systems, this approach has become essential for companies. Failure to follow the outlined approach will lead to failed expensive business system implementations. Even where ERP systems have been implemented, the level of accuracy in most companies requires substantial improvement. This course will show how to do get accurate data save overheads.

Course Programme

  • Introduction to principles of data accuracy
  • Bill of material accuracy
  • Routing accuracy
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Planning data accuracy
  • Vendor and customer data accuracy
  • Financial data accuracy

Who needs to attend

This course will be of benefit to finance, operations, manufacturing and procurement personnel and members of a project or task team involved in improving data accuracy as part of an ERP or BPR implementation.

What the company will gain

The company will gain a sound foundation for their planning systems, through being able to rely on the data. This means that reliable promises can be given to customers, leading to increased sales. It will also mean improved cash flow as the right amount of materials are purchased through the planning system. If a company has an annual stock take, then it will directly save the cost of this.

What the delegate will learn

Delegates will learn how to approach the issues underlying data inaccuracy practically – whether they are system, procedure or behaviour related. They will understand how to establish a proper control group, how to audit the data for accuracy and then to put in procedures to ensure that the company continues to operate with sound data

Course Leaders

Richard Watkins

Managing Director

Richard was part of a team in ICI Agrochemicals [now Syngenta] which implemented ‘MRP II’ and achieved Class ‘A’ across the word. The team improved Customer Service to > 98% and reduced inventory by 27%. They implemented the first Global Sales and Operations Planning process. Syngenta still operates the same process today. Read More

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