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Public Education Courses

Integrated Business Leadership

We explain how Integrated Business Leadership (IBL) – an advance in thinking based on the Sales and Operations Planning of the 1980's - provides the senior leadership team with an organised way of deciding how to react to changes strategically, rather than through fire-fighting and crisis management. It provides a business model that enables all functions to come to a consensus on one innovation, demand, supply and financial plan.


Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning

We explain how to create a Demand Plan, based on a formal process that turns statistical projections into a robust plan using realistic assumptions - all designed to shape customer demand to fit your objectives. We show how to use market intelligence using inputs on New Products, Advertising and Promotions and all similar events. We will also show you how to measure Forecast Accuracy and Bias, and set targets so that you can improve. We show how to manage abnormal demand through formal processes, and how to create promises that you know you can keep. Forecasts will always be wrong. It is how you manage the demand when they are wrong that matters. We also show how it fits into a formal Integrated Business Leadership process


World Class Supply Chain Optimisation

We explain how to optimise your supply chain to meet your customer requirements with lower total cost and lower inventory, freeing up cash. We cover how to plan better, using the tools of Master Scheduling, Material Planning and Capacity planning to provide a realistic and feasible supply plan to the factory and external suppliers. We discuss the dangers of automatic optimisation. We show how to use Lean techniques to create an efficient value stream and reduce inventory. We show how to get accurate data. We show how to use Six Sigma to improve quality. The ultimate goal is delivering to customers what they want and when they want it - optimally. We show the links to an Integrated Business Leadership process.


Lean Financial Management

When companies try to implement Lean ideas, wanting to take waste and inventory out of the supply chain, they often find that traditional financial management and control practises form a barrier to progress. In particular, the use of standard costing, allocation of overheads, and obscure variance reporting provides a lack of clarity in understanding the true cost base of a company. Lean is about increasing the value added per minute of available capacity, so we explore replacing standard costs by using Throughput Accounting tools and techniques. We also look at replacing the annual budgeting process with a simplified approach using Integrated Business Planning.


Customer Relationship Management

When companies try to implement a better way of managing the interaction with customers, they buy a CRM system. There are many out there. However, they tend to end up as the most expensive address books in the world as they fail to deliver the much-promised benefits trotted out by the software salesman. The first problem is that companies fail to include this as part of a formal implementation of “Integrated Business Leadership”. This forces companies to think through their Vision and their Strategy – which is often built around “Customer Focus”. Secondly, they fail to get buy-in from their sales and marketing people to using the system properly. There is a chronic lack of education as to the value of the system. This unique workshop will show your company how to change the relationship with your customer by changing systems, ways of working and people, thereby delivering your sales strategy and improving the bottom line.



Making ERP systems deliver benefit

If you are about to implement an ERP system, or you have an ERP system that does not work then come along to this workshop to make sure you make the project a success. We have a unique programme that will make sure your people will know how to use the new system.

This workshop is based on 25 years in the area of helping companies change systems, processes, culture and organisation When companies implement new ERP systems they treat it as if it is just implementing a piece of software. The alliance partners or software house will analyse the as-is, blueprint the "to-be" processes and systems, check that the software raises and prints out purchase orders, receives orders and raises invoices, gets user sign-off and away they go.


This workshop demonstrates that a different approach needs to be taken. The business should see this as a change in the way the business will be run. Change management on this scale requires an effective education programme.





Executive Integrated Leadership

All companies are suffering more and more change. They operate in a global economy and impacts of commodity prices, exchange rates, competitive threats, legislative changes and many threats. But they have to deliver to shareholders, who continue to expect an exceptional Return on Capital Employed.

Many companies are beginning to use Integrated Business Planning - based on the principle of a monthly replanning process with a 24-month horizon, one set of numbers, enabling simulations of alternative scenarios etc. This process is essential for all companies. It sounds simple, but in practise rarely is, as it requires a different attitude to reward and motivation. It requires a different culture. It requires a formal set of meetings. It requires aligned performance measures, and breaking down the silo culture that exists between functions.


It also requires the leadership to support and develop this process.


Hence this new one day workshop - focussed with Senior Executives in mind - has been developed to enable the essential elements of this process to be understood, so that Integrated Business Leadership can be quickly implemented within companies.









"I think your course is the best I have ever been to!!"
Regina Patroni - Demand Planner Maxxium UK.
"Thank you for the course! I can honestly say it’s one of the best of its type that I’ve ever attended!!"

Eric Dunn - Supply Chain Manager A. Nelson’s.


Public Course Offer


We are allowing potential new clients to book places up until January 31st 2018 at no cost to them - apart from accommodation - to specific Public Courses. This is to help them appreciate what we do, first. Please see details of our offer by clicking on OFFER