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In-House Education

Tailored Workshops

We can run workshops for groups of 8 - 15 which will help your teams understand, design and develop better systems, processes and cultures. We can put together a programme over 2 - 3 days or spread them over a number of weeks. Built around your company, people get really engaged.


Learning often happens best when people engage in simulations of a business. Hence we have simulations which vividly illustrate the issues of running a cost effective supply chain, and seeing the impact on inventory, customer service and profit.

Extended Course Programme

In addition to our standard programme which we provide publicly, we can provide (as an example) the following:

Data Accuracy Getting all data to 98 % accuracy
Performance Measures Putting in place the right measures
ERP Implementation Structuring a project correctly to change people, processes and systems successfully.
Master Scheduling How to manage and control the supply chain using material planning, capacity planning and APS tools.

"The training sessions were simple and straight forward, allowing all levels to understand the principles of ERP. The best thing that they did was relate the practical education exercises to our Business "
ABRO’s Operations Director