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Delos Model


Every business has a clear vision of why they will be where they will be in 10-20 years’ time. It is shared with all employees who should easily be able to say what it is. It should state why you are in business, and what your unique proposition is to customers.


Each year a company creates a three year plan which is based on realistic assumptions about the scope and direction of the business. It is based on a thorough SWOT analysis, and clearly states the resource requirements to achieve the strategy. It should have a clear focus on the company's Market Discipline - either Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, or Product Leadership. Lack of focus will confuse the operational execution of the strategy.


Companies have an integrated set of processes. These are built around Delos’ Integrated Business Leadership process (Advanced SOP).


All data in use in the business is 98% accurate, maintained through an effective Data Management function that ensures ownership.


The business is managed through a consistent set of KPIs which drive the right behaviour. These include OTIF, Forecast Accuracy, Schedule Achievement and Right First Time. The reward structure is built around these.


People genuinely feel empowered and are a real asset to the business. They work in teams, with common goals, and not within functional silos. They are motivated continuously to improve the quality of the business.