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Roger Ablett joins Delos Partnership

As part of their continued expansion, the Delos Partnership is delighted to welcome on board Roger Ablett. Roger has spent the last 16 years at Pegler Yorkshire Limited, most recently as Supply Chain Director. In this role we worked with him on developing their Business Planning Process, their ERP system, and their CRM System, which succesfully united all functions into creating one plan. Based around the Delos Integrated Business Leadership Model, the BPP enabled PY to be customer driven through creating a demand plan designed to satisfy customers. The results have shown customer service has increased by 10 % while showing a 15 % reduction in inventory. The formal meeting structure has also enabled a more controlled way of running the business, enabling the Senior Team to focus on the right issues.


Delos Partnership will provide the keynote speech at IBF Conference in Amsterdam 20th November

Roger Ablett, Supply Chain director at Pegler Yorkshire will provide the keynote speech at the IBF conference in Amsterdam. He will explain the journey that Pegler Yorkshire have been thorugh in implementing Integrated Business Planning across the globe, linking up five manufacturing sites with a global network of customers. He will go thorugh how they overcome the barriers, and will provide you with clear guidance on how to implement this critical business operating model. You can find details at


Delos Partnership provides keynote speech at Demand Solutions Conference

Demand Solutions have launched their DSX Sales and Operations Planning module. See Richard Watkins presented the unique Delos Partnership plan for implementation of Sales and Operations Planning – or as we call it Integrated Business Leadership. A car’s sat nav provides a driver with the ability to put in the direction, and it will forecast and plan the route for you, and reroute you if the traffic is bad. But it still needs the data to be accurate, and for the driver to be educated in how to use the sat nav system! Richard used this fun analogy to demonstrate the need for systems, process and the team to work as one to achieve best results.

Richard Watkins provides "inspirational" speech at QAD MFG PRO's user group

QAD’s MFG PRO user group held their annual conference in Merry Hill, at which users shared best practice, and QAD introduced new technical solutions for their product.  Richard Watkins was asked to provide the guest speaker slot prior to the dinner.

His theme was that many people decide to abandon their existing ERP system in favour of some – often very expensive – alternative, in the mistaken belief that the ERP system does not work.  Richard went on to dispel this myth and illustrate that most times it ‘does not work’ either because there is a lack of data accuracy, or an absence of an effective Sales and Operations Planning process, or an inadequate education and training programme to ensure that all users know how to use the system. None of these, of course, have got anything to do with the system – it’s merely a case of ensuring that the data, processes and company education policies support the system – none function effectively in isolation – integration is the key!